A Choice of Nightmares

A Choice of Nightmares

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“Kostoff’s writing is powerful…. ”
—Publishers Weekly



Robert Staples is on the verge of finally making it as a second-rate actor when his agent asks him to deliver a package. Staples promptly loses the package, forcing him into the heart of a bloody and highly lucrative drug-running operation. Pulled in all directions by desperate men, sociopaths, and a sexually alluring woman, Robert soon finds himself embracing the explosive lifestyle. Fast-moving and sharply written, A Choice of Nightmares is a modern-day roman noir about drugs and money, and the passions they ignite.


“Treachery keeps the plot twisting and turning, and sometimes obscuring itself, like a snake swallowing its tale. But the reader will read on. A noir thriller that delivers with vivid writing, smart plotting, and a deeper-than-usual insight into its flawed central character.”

“Kostoff’s writing is powerful…”
Publishers Weekly

“Robert Staples starts off in a Carl Hiassen novel and ends up in a Jim Thompson story in this dazzling, unputdownable South Florida thriller. Every time you–and Robert–think he’s hit bottom, the floor falls out from under him and he finds a new circle of hell. Perfect. I love this book.”
—Sara Gran, author of Dope

“Kostoff is clearly one of the unsung heroes of modern crime fiction. A Choice Of Nightmares is a page-turning adventure from a novelist with a style the rest of us can only wish for. New Pulp Press has made a great choice in bringing this back.”
—Charlie Stella, author of Cheapskates

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